A Travelschool Life

A Travelschool Life

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Have you ever seen the Prambanan temple at sunset, the greenery of rice fields that stretch into the horizon, or the breathtaking view of Merapi Mountain? Do you know what it feels like, to ride on an elephant, swim at the most refreshing river, and bask on the village atmosphere at Jogjakarta? Do you also want to be a chocolatier in one day, play sling at the forest, and experience many more adventures?

In this book I want to take you with me, diving into all of the fun of my travel schooling. So buckle up your seat belt and let’s begin this journey!

Age Category: Middle Grade (8+)


This book is written for #seberangdunia writing challenge organized by Cerivitas. To get more info on kids' educational projects, follow Cerivitas blog and social media.


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